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Tar Heels Camo Uniforms

Ever since November 11, the Tar Heels Camo Uniforms have been generating a lot of buzz in the sporting world. The world was first given a “sneak peek” in October when North Carolina revealed the specialty uniforms they would be wearing to the Carrier Classic, a special first-of-its-kind basketball showdown. The uniforms featured a turquoise and sky blue camouflage pattern on both the tops and bottoms. The front featured and American flag near the shoulder and the back had no names printed on the jersey – instead “USA” was printed where the names would usually go. These ultra patriotic uniforms were specially designed for the Carrier Classic.

The Quicken Loans Carrier Classic took the national aspect of basketball to a whole new level. Expected to be a recurring yearly event, it was the first time a state basketball faceoff was held on board the deck of an actual US aircraft carrier. Two separate courts were built: one outdoors on the flight deck, and a duplicate inside in case weather was bad. But the weather was clear and beautiful, and 8,000 fans gathered on the newly constructed stands to watch the event along with many military service men and women. Millions more watched the game on TV, as the Tar Heels Camo Uniforms with their brilliant blue caught the evening sunlight and the attention of sports fans everywhere.

Even though the Tar Heels Camo Uniforms have received so much attention and been the subject of so much talk, fans have had a hard time getting a hold of camo basketball uniforms of their own. Neither the Tar Heels nor the Michigan Spartans have licensed official merchandise versions, and basketball uniform suppliers have been slow to put camo uniforms into production. The result has left fans – and teams who would like to adopt a more patriotic look of their own – struggling to find anything worthwhile.

One company however has stepped up to fill the gap. Brand40, a premier basketball uniform designer and supplier, has its own take on camouflage b-ball uniforms that are similar to the Tar Heels Camo Uniforms. These basketball team uniforms have been in production since before the Tar Heels or Spartans announced their uniform designs, and they are more than just knock-offs. They are designed to pro specifications for use as team basketball uniforms, and are also receiving a lot of spotlight from everyday people who are picking them up as a great fashion statement. Brand40 is the first company to offer quality camo jerseys and shorts to the general public.

If you’ve been looking for Tar Heels Camo Uniforms there is one brand that showcases the same fierce style, and that’s Brand40. Bring it to the court.  

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